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Wholesale Inquiries

Check out Gaios Resort products below! If you are interested in carrying our products and seeing the collection’s line sheet list, please send us a message with the subject line “Wholesale Inquiry”.

Hand Embroidery Sunset Headband


Embroidered Harvest Bold Loretha Headband


Cosmic Emroidered Loretha Headband


Katie Punch Headband


Pink & Zebra Punch Headband


Cloud Punch Headband


Pop Punch Headband


Lilac Picnic Punch Headband - GCL21-0028

Olive Picnic Punch Headband - GCL21-0029

Pink Picnic Punch Headband - GCL21-0031

Yellow Picnic Punch Headband - GCL21-0030

Black & White Otanti Headband - GCL21-0004

Black & White Knot Headband - GCL21-0037

Green & Multi Color Knot Headband - GCL21-0034

Hybrid Otanti Multi Color Loretha Headband. -GCL21-0036

Hybrid Pink Otanti Loretha Headband - GCL21-0002

Otanti Black & White Bandana - GGC22-0071
Otanti Black & White Loli - GGC22-0073

Otanti Green Bandana - GGC22-0068
Otanti Green Scrunchie - GGC22-0069

Circus Bandana - GGC22-0075

Circus Scrunchie - GGC22-0074

Green Jungle Bandana - GGC22-0065
Orange Jungle Bandana - GGC22-0063

Nazar Headband - GGC22-0014

Green & Yellow Double Layered Dusty Sparkle Headband - GGC22-0022

Verde Headband - GGC22-0011

Morana Headband - GGC22-0015

Fruit Galaxy Headband - GGC22-0059

Azul Loretha - GGC22-0052

Azul Headband - GGC22-0001

Dark Blue Niyl Headband - GGC22-0056

Pink Blue Niyl Headband - GGC22-0058

Blue Niyl Headband - GGC22-0057

Sun Hair Pin - GGC22-0046
Cloud Hair Pin - GGC22-0045

Lian Crochet Loretha - GGC22-0044

Pink Heart Hair Pin - GGC22-0047
Red Heart Hair Pin - GGC22-0048

Hair Pin with Pearls & Handmade Glass Fruits - GGC22-0061

Yin Yang Punch Hair Clip - GCL21-0025

Cloud Punch Hair Clip - GCL21-0019

Black Otanti Hair Clip - GCL21-0012

Black Otanti Hair Clip - GCL21-0012

Pink Fruit Loli - GGC22-0076

Green Desert Loli - GGC22-0077

Crochet Bliss Bandana - GGC22-0042

Crochet Sidra Bandana - GGC22-0040

Yin Yang Bandana. - GGC22-0038

Pride Bandana - GGC22-0041

Niyl Hat with Adjustable Charms - GGC22-0054

Grocery Crochet Bucket Hat - GGC22-0043

Lilac Niyl Hat with Adjustable Charms - GGC22-0055

Hat with Beads - GGC22-0067

Circus Fedora Hat - GGC22-0080